Roar Ambition, creators of popular supplements like TestoFuel, Instant Knockout and Hourglass, have announced their first ever Black Friday deals!

They offer quality products and at a fair price but they’ve gone one further and are offering customers 50% off their products when they buy 4 month’s worth of products

That may seem like a lot but when you consider supplements like Fat Burners & Testosterone Boosters can take some time to show their effects, there’s definitely some value to be had

Here’s a quick breakdown of their products, and the Black Friday deals you can snap up…

Fat Burners

Roar Ambition have created three fat burners, each aimed at a slightly different audience.

Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout is one of Roar Ambition’s best sellers and has been one of the most popular Fat Burners in recent years.

It attacks fat burning on all fronts, with good doses of Caffeine, Glucomannan & Cayenne Pepper.

If you’ve been waiting for an Instant Knockout Black Friday offer, don’t miss out!

Hunter Burn

Aimed at the more professional man, Hunter Burn carries a premium price tag because of the premium ingredients.

This caffeine-free Fat Burner is the perfect partner to their 4 Gauge pre workout, ensuring you burn as much fat as possible during your workouts.

It also has a healthy dosage of Glucomannan (3g), which is a leading appetite suppressant.


Hourglass was designed with women in mind. Women have a lower tolerance to caffeine so Roar Ambition decided to keep this one caffeine-free.

Ingredients like Green Tea Extract, Capsimax and Glucomannan make this a great choice for women.

Testosterone Boosters

Roar Ambition are also well known for their range of Testosterone Boosters, with TestoFuel in particular being one of the biggest sellers in the last few years.

You may not know it but when a man hits his 30s, his Testosterone levels start to decline. This can result in losing muscle, gaining weight, lack of libido and a whole host of undesirable effects. That’s where some of Roar Ambiton’s T-Boosters can help…


TestoFuel has been a best seller for years, read any review or best T-Booster list and you’ll see TestoFuel often regarded as one of the best, if not THE best.

Aimed at the man in his 30s, TestoFuel puts a big focus on the building muscle aspect. If your Testosterone is low, you can struggle to put on muscle, TestoFuel can help with that.

This is the first time there’s ever been a TestoFuel Black Friday deal so we wouldn’t be surprised to see the stock go quickly!

Hunter Test

Launched relatively recently, Hunter Test is aimed at the slightly older man, looking to gain the edge.

Hunter Test is more about regulating the body, making sure your body and mind is in peak physical shape.

Prime Male

You’ll also find Prime Male on the lists of best Testosterone boosters, this mood and libido enhancer even counts Dolph Lundgren as one of its fans.

It’s definitely aimed at the older male (50+) as it puts less of a focus on muscle building, and impacts your mood/libido.

If you’re over the age of 50 and have struggled to find the right T-Booster for you, then we’d advise giving Prime Male a try.