Testosterone is key to building muscle and men with low testosterone levels can struggle to pack on muscle no matter how much they hit the gym, so a pre workout with testosterone sounds like the solution, right?

Unfortunately, for a number of reasons, that’s not the case. A key one is the fact that you need to take a testosterone booster daily for a couple of months before you see results so it doesn’t make sense for it to be included in a pre workout unless you workout 7 days a week, every week.

Test Boosters contain premium ingredients, they’re one of the most expensive supplements when you compare them to Pre Workouts, Fat Burners etc so a pre workout with testosterone boosting ingredients would be topping $100 per month.

There are numerous other reasons including dosage sizes and taste so it doesn’t really make sense for a manufacturer to incorporate both aspects. Transparent Labs BULK does include “Testosterone support” but this isn’t enough to boost your T-levels.

Testosterone & Building Muscle

Most people know that protein is key to building muscle, but your body can only use so much. By increasing your Testosterone levels, you increase protein synthesis, which allows your body to use more protein and as a result build muscle faster.

If you’re hitting the gym often there’s a good chance you’re using protein post-workout, again, increasing your T-Levels helps prevent muscle tissue breakdown.

Pre Workout With Testosterone

Recommended Pre Workout

We’ve covered what we think are the best Pre Workout supplements and we are big fans of 4 Gauge, made by Roar Ambition.

It’s been a best seller for years and there are dozens of customer testimonials backing up how effective it is. It’s a pretty simple formula, with a handful of ingredients that pack a real punch. It’s key selling points are unbeatable energy/focus and incredible pumps.

At 150mg, the Caffeine Anhydrous dosage is spot on, it’s enough to power through your workouts without leaving you feeling jittery. There’s some L-Theanine thrown in there too, this keeps the Caffeine in check and the result is sustained, clean energy without the crash.

The pump aspect comes from two ingredients with the key one being L-Citrulline Di-Malate. You’re getting the full clinical dosage at 6g and when you include Red Beetroot Extract in the mix, you’ll definitely feel the pump.

Recommended Testosterone Booster

There’s a wide range of Testosterone Boosters out there but there are only a couple that have been regularly proven to work. One of the most popular is TestoFuel, which is also made by the makers of 4 Gauge.

You’ll regularly see TestoFuel topping best test boosters lists and this one has been specifically made for 30+ year old men who are looking to pack on muscle. You’ll find some common ingredients in most test boosters, including, Zinc, Magnesium and a range of Vitamins – the good news is TestoFuel doesn’t slack here.

The 4 muscle building ingredients that make TestoFuel so good are D-Aspartic Acid (DAA), Oyster Extract, Fenugreek & Ginseng. There are quite a few studies supporting DAA’s role in Testosterone regulation and you’re getting a solid dose here.

Oysters are often linked with increased libido but it’s their incredible zinc content that gets our thumbs up. Oyster extract also reduces the amount of Testosterone that gets converted to Estrogen.

Ginseng helps stimulate hormone release but also plays a part in elevating levels of nitric acid in your blood stream, giving you that pump feeling. Finally, Fenugreek inhibits sex hormone binding globulin, which frees up more Testosterone.

Pre Workout With Testosterone conclusion

In short, you won’t find a pre workout that includes testosterone boosting ingredients but the good news is pre workout supplements don’t affect your T-levels and the ingredients of both supplements are still effective when stacked.

Roar Ambition are the makers of these products and they currently have a couple of deals on when you stack some of their products. You can make some savings then you purchase 4 Gauge and TestoFuel together and as an added bonus, they’ll throw in some Instant Knockout to help you shred fat.