Instant Knockout is one of the most popular fat burners in India in 2019 so we’ve taken a closer look at the creators, ingredients and benefits you can expect to see in this Instant Knockout Review.

Created by Roar Ambition, a UK based supplements company, Instant Knockout was originally made for MMA fighters who were looking to cut in an attempt to make weight for their fight.

By looking at the doses, ingredients used, quality and research surrounding each element, we can get a good understanding of what you can expect from this ‘so-called’ fat burner.

One thing to remember is that Instant Knockout isn’t a miracle pill and everyone’s results will differ.

Fat Burners are most effective when used alongside a calorie-restricted diet and regular exercise.
With the overview out of the way, let’s take a look at what Instant Knockout can do.

Instant Knockout Ingredients

Instant Knockout contains well-researched ingredients and optimal dosages. Here is a quick look at the ingredient profile:

  • Vitamin B6 – 5mg
  • Vitamin B12 – 10mcg
  • Zinc – 10mg
  • Chromium – 100mcg
  • Green Tea Extract – 500mg
  • Green Coffee Extract – 100mg
  • Cayenne Powder – 100mg
  • Glucomannan – 1800mg
  • Caffeine Anhydrous – 300mg
  • Black Pepper Extract – 10mg

These ingredients encourage fat burning in a number of ways. Glucomannan is an excellent appetite suppressant, whilst Cayenne Pepper will increase your metabolic rate and the Caffeine will boost your energy, allowing you to burn more calories when you work out.

Instant Knockout Review India

Is It Safe?

We’re happy to say that Instant Knockout IS safe and it’s one of the reasons it’s one of the best fat burners in India in 2019.

It’s made with 100% natural ingredients but the only slight worry is the Caffeine. Whilst there are no major side-effects, if you have a low tolerance to Caffeine it can give you an upset stomach or make you jittery.

How To Take It

The creators of Instant Knockout have advised that you take 4 capsules throughout the day to achieve the best results.

We’d advise that you take them around 30 minutes before you eat so you can spread them out between breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner.

How Much Does It Cost?

The good news is that Instant Knockout is available in India! One bottle will set you back $59 (USD) but you can save money when you purchase a bigger bundle. Weight-loss doesn’t happen overnight, it can take time so you may be better off opting for the bigger bundle so that you save money in the long run.


This fat burner is one of the best-sellers in India in 2019 and we can see why. It has quality ingredients, great customer testimonials and is competitively priced.

The only negative is the fact that you can only buy direct but this does mean that you get the best price as there is no middle-man taking a cut.