Find out whether this fat burner has what it takes to boost your weight-loss with our Hunter Burn review

Although relatively new to the market, Hunter Burn seems to have made an instant impact. Marketed as a ‘premium supplement’ by its creators, it’s certainly trying to stand out in a crowded fat burner market.

To find out if it lives up to the hype, we wanted to put it through its paces in a Hunter Burn review.

We’ll look closely into the formula, ingredients, serving sizes and quality of the supplement so we can understand how it performs against its competitors.

Before we dive head-first into this review, we must state that fat burner supplements aren’t proven to work. They may contain ingredients that are backed by research, but they themselves haven’t been shown to help with fat loss.

Fat burners are simply intended to work alongside a reduced-calorie diet and active lifestyle. Taking them on their own whilst eating takeaways and sitting on the couch won’t work – they aren’t magic pills.

Having said that, they are very popular supplements and are used by a lot of people.

With the quick intro out of the way, we’re ready to get started on our Hunter Burn review.

What effect does Hunter Burn have?

Based on the Hunter Burn formula, and the research surrounding the ingredients within this supplement, you could expect the following results from using this product.

May improve metabolism

As is the case with most fat burners, improving your metabolism is a key focus – Hunter Burn contains thermogenic elements that can influence your metabolism and raise your calorie burn slightly.

Can suppress your appetite

Hunter Burn offers the highest serving of appetite suppressants we’ve seen in a fat burner supplement, which should help fight cravings, reduce your portion sizes and suppress your appetite on the whole.

Could block carb absorption

One ingredient within this supplement has been shown to block carbohydrates. This means it stops your body from absorbing as many carbs as it normally would, which could reduce calorie intake and may lead to you losing weight.

May energize you

Although a stimulant hasn’t been added directly, this formula offers energizing benefits in the form of ingredients that contain a small, yet potent level of caffeine. This may help to keep you focused and energized on a low-calorie diet.

    Hunter Burn Review 1 Bottle

    Is Hunter Burn safe?

    During our research we’ve found that the biggest causes of side effects in fat burner supplements is high caffeine levels, synthetic ingredients and proprietary blends – Thankfully, Hunter Burn doesn’t contain any of these.

    There are no added stimulants within this supplement, which means you shouldn’t have to worry about that. There is matcha green tea in this supplement which does contain a small amount of caffeine, but this should only really be an issue if you’re particularly sensitive, pregnant or breast feeding.

    Overall, the supplement profile is transparent and responsible, which is very reassuring for safety.

    Hunter Burn ingredients

    The Hunter Burn formula only contains six ingredients. While this is quite a small profile compared to its competitors, this approach, along with distribution over six capsules a day, allows for some of the highest serving sizes we’ve seen.

    To understand what this supplement can offer, we’ve carefully analyzed each one below

    Vitamin D3

    This is a well-known ingredient within testosterone boosters as most men are Vitamin D deficient, but isn’t as popular in fat burners. As this product was designed for affluent men, we can assume it’s added to promote testosterone levels, which could aid with muscle gain and weight loss [1].


    This is a key compound often found in pre-workouts and nootropics, but it appears it may also lend itself well to a fat burner. It’s been linked to appetite suppression and lower levels of fat cells after consistent supplementation [2].

    Konjac root

    If your fat burner doesn’t contain Konjac Root, you’re not doing it right. This is one of nature’s most effective appetite suppressants. It expands to create a thick gel in your stomach that helps you to feel fuller, suppress cravings and even reduce portion sizes [3]. This has been linked to weight loss on a number of occasions [4].

    Hunter Burn offers one of the most generous servings of this ingredient we’ve seen. In fact, it offers the same amount used in a clinical trial that lead to significant weight loss [4].

    Matcha green tea

    Green tea is a familiar face in fat burners, however matcha is relatively new to the scene.

    Catechins within green tea and matcha have been shown to influence metabolism and help increase weight loss during moderate exercise by up to 17% [5].

    Matcha is a good choice in this formula, as it’s been shown to have up to 137 times the amount of catechins found in normal green tea [6]. This may offer better results than other, similar supplements.

    White kidney bean

    This is the only known natural carb blocker in the mix. It stops your body from converting complex carbohydrates into simple sugars, so you shouldn’t absorb the calories and it shouldn’t be stored as fat [7].

    Cayenne pepper

    This is also a widely used thermogenic ingredient, which has been shown to enhance metabolism and fat burn [8].

    Within Hunter Burn, we found a very generous dosage of the supplement, that aligns to research we’ve found. 

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    Hunter Burn Review Ingredients

    How to take it

    Given the generous servings in this fat burner, it’s important you stick to the guidelines of the manufacturer when taking it.

    You should take two capsules, three times a day 30-minutes before mealtimes.

    It’s key that you take Hunter Burn before you eat, as this gives the appetite suppressants enough time to expand, which should help to reduce hunger and cut down portion sizes.

    As such, we recommend you take Hunter Burn as follows:

    • Two capsules around 30 minutes before breakfast
    • Two capsules around 30 minutes before lunch
    • Two capsules around 30 minutes before dinner

    The research we found on all the ingredients in this mix indicates that consistent supplementation over a prolonged period of time is key to feeling the benefits outlined above. As such, we suggest you aim to be as consistent as possible and expect results to occur in the long run.

    Is Hunter Burn expensive?

    One container of Hunter Burn gives you 180 capsules, which is enough to last you for about a month of consistent supplementation if you stick to the guidelines.

    One bottle cost: $75/£55

    Two bottles + FREE UK and USA shipping: $150/£110

    Three bottles + one FREE bottle + FREE UK and USA shipping: $225/£165

    While Hunter Burn’s price is towards the top end of the fat burner market, you get what you pay for.

    Weight loss doesn’t just happen overnight, and although purchasing the three bottles may seem like a lot of upfront cost, in the long run you’ll save money.


    Overall, we think Hunter Burn lives up to the “premium” tag it’s been given by its creators.

    It offers well-researched, high-quality ingredients at some of the most generous levels we’ve seen in any fat burner.

    On top of that, the lack of proprietary blends means you know exactly what you’re getting and it’s a bonus that there are no added stimulants.

    We think you’d struggle to find another fat burning supplement of this caliber.

    One drawback with Hunter Burn is it’s one of the pricier supplements in the market. Despite this, due to formula, we still believe it’s worth the money if you can afford it.


    • Extremely well-served
    • High-quality ingredients
    • Scientifically backed formula
    • Natural profile
    • Low risk of side effects
    • Stimulant free


    • Premium price
    • Can only buy direct

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