Getting the most out of your workouts is always the goal but sometimes we can hit a plateau. Whether it’s a lack of energy, struggling to focus or your muscles taking too long to recover, it can be frustrating, Luckily for you, our list of best pre workout supplements can help.

Pre workout supplements are products designed to help you maximise your workout potential with most supplements boasting benefits such as: energy boosts, incredible muscle pumps, enhanced metabolism and improved focus.

You’ll find that most pre workouts offer the same benefits but the dosages mean some offer stronger effects than others. Some can also boost your metabolism but if you prefer to keep your fat burners separate, check out our list of best fat burners for men.

Our best pre workout products are suitable for both men and women, although we’d advise women to opt for a stimulant free option as they’re more at risk of suffering side effects from ingredients like caffeine.

Let’s take a look at the best pre workout supplements for 2019 to help you find a safe and effective product.

Best Pre Workout Supplements

1. 4 Gauge

Best Pre Workout 4 Gauge
4 Gauge is one of the most recognisable pre workout brands in the industry, with their shotgun shell bottle really catching the eye.

But, we don’t just base our rankings on the best looking bottles! 4 Gauge contains some ingredients that should give you insane muscle pumps, improved focus and energy as well as reduce more soreness.

You’ll find caffeine in nearly every pre workout and you get a solid dosage in 4 Gauge. The clever thing the creators have done is include L-Theanine – when combined with caffeine it gives you a controlled energy boost rather than a sudden rush which means you won’t get any nasty “come down” effects either.

With the Creatine in there to improve your strength and power and L-Citrulline DL-Malate giving you ridiculous muscle pumps, 4 Gauge takes number one spot on our best pre workout list.

2. Transparent labs bulk

TLabs Bulk
Transparent Labs Bulk pre workout is popular with bodybuilders as it puts a focuss on increasing muscle mass as well as giving you explosive workouts.

With over 15 ingredients in the formula, you can expect to find a lot of common ingredients like Caffeine, Beta-Alanine, L-Theanine and Taurine.

The ingredients that set it apart are BCAAs and testosterone boosting ingredients like Vitamin D3, Zinc and Boron. You’ll find most bodybuilders will supplement BCAAs to help increase muscle mass but TLabs have included it in their formula.

Transparent Labs have created an excellent pre workout and it pushes 4 Gauge close for the top spot but with its focus on increasing mass (not everyone’s goal), we couldn’t put it top.

3. Pre Jym

Pre Jym
Some of the Jym Supplements range are underdosed but that definitely isn’t the case with their Pre Jym pre workout. 

Similar to the Jym Shred fat burner, this supplement contains all the best ingredients that competitors have to offer. You’ll find BCAAs, Creatine, Beta-Alanine, Taurine and Betaine but the 300mg dosage of caffine is what really caught our eye.

It’s hard to pick any holes in the Pre Jym formula and the fact that there are 8 flavours to choose from is a bonus because even the best pre workouts don’t always taste that nice.

If you’re a stim junkie then this could be the pick for your, with 300mg you should have no issues with energy or focus during your workouts!

4. Legion Pulse

Legion Pulse Pre Workout
With over 5000 reviews on Amazon, Legion Pulse is one of the most popular pre workouts out there.

The creators have kept it simple, they’ve restricted the amount of ingredients have put a real focus on the energy boost and increased focus elements of your workout.

The staple of this formula is Caffeine, Beta-Alanine and L-Theanine so if you’re looking to have an energised workout without a focus on packing on muscle, then this could be the perfect pre workout for you.

At 40$ it’s relatively well priced but you can save more when you sign up for a monthly subscription through Amazon.

5. Performance Lab SPORT Pre

Performance Lab Sport
As we mentioned in our review of their SPORT Fat Burner, we’re fans of Performance Lab and they’ve created another great product with their SPORT Pre supplement.

It has a similar ingredient to 4 Gauge with a few less used ingredients added in too. Cordyceps has been added to improve stamina, L-Glutamine to repair and build muscle as well as Himalayan Pink Salt which helps with absorption of Amino Acids.

Admittedly, we’re stimulant junkies so a lack of caffeine is the only reason SPORT Pre isn’t higher on our best pre workout list. 

Performance Lab offer a discount when you purchase multiple bottles. You’ll recieve 5% off when you buy two bottles and 10% off when you purchase three bottles!

Does Pre Workout Work?

Your choice of pre workout and how hard you train will decide what benefits you will feel. In most cases, due to the high amount of stimulants in these products most people will feel the energy boost and will feel more focussed. Whether you see increased muscle pumps and reduced muscle soreness will depend on effort you put in to your workout but if you’re looking for the best pre workout, it would suggest you’re looking to maximise your workout.

What’s In Pre Workout?

Pre workout will often contain the same compounds but the ingredients to deliver those compounds can differ slightly.

There are three key parts to a the best pre workout supplements:

  • Stimulant (Caffeine)
  • Amino Acids
  • Creatine

You may find that some pre workout formulas can help you burn fat too – if you’re already using a fat burner to lose weight, we’d advise against doubling up with a fat burning pre workout.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Pre Workout?

Here are the effects the best pre workout will have:

  • Explosive energy
  • Impressive muscle pumps
  • Gain muscle mass
  • Burn more fat
  • Boosts endurance
  • Reduces muscle fatigue
  • Improves focus

Is Pre Workout Safe?

This depends on the ingredients in your pre workout and your tolerance levels too them. If your tolerance levels towards caffeine are low then opt for a stimulant free pre workout, otherwise you may feel jittery, have a dodgy stomach and other side effects caused by high caffeine intake. Be sure you check with your doctor before taking any supplement.

There are some ingredients we’d typically avoid, one of these is bitter orange (Synephrine) as it has been proven to be quite dangerous with quite alarming heart related side effects. If you do choose a pre workout that contains Synephrine, make sure you follow the instructions and never take more than advised.

Our last bit of safety advice would be to avoid proprietary blends if you can – although they don’t hide harmful ingredients, they can hide the dosage of natural ingredients that can cause side effects at high dosages.